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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Peter Hoyle - Cleveland County, North Carolina

Right outside the town of Lawndale in Cleveland County, North Carolina you will find Kadesh United Methodist Church Cemetery.

This cemetery is the home to a monument placed to honor my 8th great grandparents Peter Hoyle and his wife Catherine Dales.

The monument was originally located at the
Hoyle Homestead just outside of Dallas, Gaston County, North Carolina. The Hoyle House was built between 1750-1758 by Peter Hoyle and his sons and features rare corner post construction. It is the only known remaining structure in North Carolina with this type of construction and is listed on the National Historical Register.

For those who live in the area, the Gaston County Museum has a new exhibit - "The Hoyle House" which runs until October 25th. Better hurry!

If only all my ancestors left behind this kind of information.....the thrill of the hunt wouldn't be there, would it?


Linda in Lancaster said...

Why can't I find something like this for my ancestors?? I'm jealous! Wonderful site.

Cam said...

How neat! Peter and Catherine are my 7th great, grandparents. I've really enjoyed studying and researching information about them. Thank you for your blog!