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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Creative Cremains - Now You Can Go Out In Style

Tired of the same old way to store a loved one's cremated remains? Well look no further. Creative Cremains, located in San Francisco, California, is a company co-owned by David Riccomi and Rena Fregosi. They have at their disposal a network of local artists and can commission an urn that captures the spirit of the deceased. The artists work in a variety of media: Ceramics, Clay Urns, Sculptures, Stained Glass, Memorial Plaques, Bronze Portrait Busts just about anything you could imagine.

They can also alter just about anything to hold ashen remains, from knickknacks to sporting goods. Some examples of modification of existing objects are collectibles, sports equipment, jewelry, books, statues, musical instruments, walking sticks, fishing rods and picture frames.

Co-Owner David Riccomi says, when he dies, he wants his ashes encased in fishing rods that will be distributed to family and friends. Then, long after he's gone, he says, he'll still be able to go fishing.

Because the business won't be scattering remains, it doesn't require state licensing. Riccomi and Fregosi say, however, that they have established strict guidelines in an effort to reassure customers they will handle the remains carefully and with respect.

The very best part of all is the very affordable prices. The minimum cost of converting a memento into an urn is $150. Prices for custom-designed urns vary substantially, but usually start at about $2,000. You can find about the same price range for standard urns sold through funeral homes. The only limits at this place are your imagination and finances.


Unknown said...

Once again a great post! You do some of the best stuff out there. Much fun and fascinating.

Sheri Fenley said...

Why thank you! I feel the need to expose people to ALL the choices available. Bizarre and unusual things are a personal preference with me. Why conform to the standards when you don't have to. I love living on the edge of that fine line!