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Friday, December 5, 2008

Engraving After The Fact

My post yesterday about my 3rd great grandfather, Daniel Derondo Delaney, got me to thinking.

I would like to have the date of death etched into the headstone for Daniel. It sounds like a simple thing to have done, right? But sometimes my mind can come up with all kinds of "what ifs" and "but what ifs". Such as:

Would I have to prove that Daniel is my 3rd great grandfather to who ever is in charge?

Would I need permission to commission this? If so, then from who?

Would I need to be there in person to make sure the job gets done?

I am guessing that this isn't the type of thing you call around and get estimates for. How do I select someone to do the job and must it be a headstone shop or can anyone who owns a dremel do the job?

The owner of the plot at the cemetery was Earnest Francis Sheern who was my 2nd great grandfather. He died in 1939. So who owns the plot now? Do I need their permission?

Oh all those questions, had me thinking of more :

The plot has 4 graves on it that I know of, I was told that the plot holds up to 8 graves. The plot was paid for in 1911. When I die, could I be buried there? Would they make me re-buy the plot? How does this stuff work?

Just some things that made me go hhmmm. Time to go find some answers.


Anonymous said...

My dad asked a cemetery sexton about adding a marker to a family plot. We were told that we'd have to get permission from all the descendants of the people in the plot. My guess is that every place is different, but those were the cemetery rules in Duncan, Oklahoma. :)

Unknown said...

Hey Sheri - I'm usually a silent reader of your blog, which I heartily enjoy. I wanted you to know that this quest holds a special place in my heart. Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Sanpete, Utah once moved all the stones -- didn't mark who was buried there, and then just put the stones back as best they can remember. Oh BROTHER! Can't wait to hear more about your quest.

Christy Fillerup

Sheri Fenley said...

Thanks Amy and Christy for your insights. I believe that this particular problem may require a road trip. I need to go sit on Santa Genie's knee and say pretty please may I have airfare for Christmas!

Never fear...I have my teeth sunk in on this one and I am not letting go until I have some answers!